Redwood Burl

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Trade names
California Redwood burl (GB), Sequoia burl, Redwood burl, Big Tree burl (USA), Loupe de Pin rouge d’Amerique (F), Maser Sequoie (D), Lupa de Sequoia (E)
Pacific Coast of the United States, from California to United States

Character / Color:
Deep red in color with a spider wed figure. It generally grows underground and is usually quite closely attached to the roots of California´s huge redwood trees. Sapwood is from white to yellow, whereas the heartwood is fairly deep red.

The burl is used extensively in high quality furniture, custom cabinet and woodworking, office interiors, office furniture, and the interiors of automobiles and airplanes. It is actually the only softwood burl that is extensively used for decorative purposes.
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