Myrtle burl

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Trade names
Myrtle burl (GB), Loupe de Myrte (F), Maser Myrte (D), Lupa de Arrayan Mirto (E), As, Mirsin, Qumman (Arabia)
South Europe. On the Pacific Coast of the Usa, from oregon in the North to southern California
Character / Color:
The sleek and smooth veneer of the burl from this laurel family has a cheerful orangey-yellow to olive brown color at its core which is reminiscent of California on a hot summer day. With its closely packed burl cores and the surrounding circular and wavy lines, the veneer figure looks both warm and elegant. Sometimes the uniform, slightly iridescent appearance is interrupted by broad fiddle-back figures and ingrown bark.

Exclusive interior woodwork and veneer for exclusive furniture and cars.
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