Birdīs Eye Maple

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Trade names
Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple, Fiddleback Maple, Northern Maple, Rock Maple, Sugar maple, Black Maple
USA, Canada
Character / Color:
The name itself describes it best. Once considered a defect, the best birdīs-eye flitches are now expensive and in demand. These veneers are most often rotary cut or half-round sliced (in an arc) to produce the most uniform distribution of nice round eyes. Birdīs-eye is most common in maple (shown), but birdīs-eye does rarely occur in a few other species.
Maple is often figured with crossfire, or quilted as well as other highly decorative aberrations like Birdīs Eye Maple, which is very precious.

Is used for architectural installations and customer-made furniture as well as custom-made pianos, interiors of elegant elevators and special inlays on furniture and automobile dashboards and door panels.
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